Live Q&A Help

(Google Meet)

For an invitation to the Live Q&A (and to help us gauge the level of interest), click INVITE to send a request to

You can still join us even if you don't get an invite. Open the Meet link, and then Join. (It may take a minute or two for your Join to be processed.)

We use Google Meet (not Zoom)

  • On laptop or desktop, all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) are supported.

    • To participate on video, you'll need a webcam (included in most laptops, external add-on to most desktops).

  • On mobile (smartphone, tablet), free Meet app is available on Android and Apple.

    • Apple app may crash. If that happens, try again, or use a computer (if possible).

  • By phone (just audio, no video), use the Phone Number and PIN posted for the event.

  • Information on Google Meet

  • Feedback on Meet is welcome!

Helpful Tips

  1. Tucker Hiatt will act as Host and Moderator.

  2. Use headphones or a headset if possible, because that reduces noisy feedback.

  3. We ask everyone to keep their mics muted except when asking a question (speaking).

  4. We also ask everyone to submit questions by text Chat to keep them orderly, a feature of Google Meet (like in YouTube Premiere). Everyone is able to see the Chat log.

  5. Please do not use Present now! It will share your screen with everyone in the Meet.

  6. If too many people are talking over each other, you can Turn on Captions to keep everyone separated and identified.

Blur your background in Google Meet

New! Google Meet now supports background blur, but only on supported browsers and devices, latest version of Chrome browser on Windows or Mac recommended.

General Help videos for Google Meet

If you miss it, we plan to record the live Q&A, and put it on our YouTube Channel.

See you there!

Revised: October 23, 2020